Mixing tradition and innovation we produce a pure-natural cider, always focusing on quality, betting on and using local apples.

Gartziategi is possibly the oldest cider house still in business. In fact, documents from the 16th century mention Gartziategi explicitly. For obvious reasons, the cider manufactured in this establishment is renowned.

We are walking distance (about 10 minutes) from Astigarraga. Moreover, Gartziategi is easily accessible by public transit, the nearest bus stop being only 50 m from the cider-house. If you are driving, we do offer free parking.


Monday-Sunday: 13:00h-17:00h
Monday-Thursday: 20:00h-00:00h
Friday-Saturday: 20:30h-00:00h

High quality natural cider

Here in Gartziategi, we produce all-natural, traditional, high-quality cider. Look for our label: GORENAK.

As its name suggests “the supreme, the sublime, the highest ones,” GORENAK represents the highest-quality sagardoa or Basque cider brands.

Wearing the GORENAK black top or “txapela” means this cider meets high quality control requirements.

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Gaztañaga sagardoa adheres to the designation of origin Basque Cider

Elaborated 100% with natural autochthonous apples and of an excellent quality.

The ciders that include the denomination of origin are subjected to different tests to guarantee their excellence.

Txotx season

Opening day: January 17th

Txotx menu

Rest of the year

Serving lunch and dinner for groups (min. 20 pax.), reservation in advance.


Cider sales

Selling cider all year round at the cider house or freight.

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