According to the experts, Gartziategi may be the oldest cider house still in business. Situated in a farm of the XVI century in the valley of the river Urumea, Gartziategi did not lose the cider manufacturing tradition and adapted to the new technologies from generation to generation. Among the barrels of this cider house, some date back more than hundred years. There is also an apple crusher of the end of the XIX century.

Gartziategi appears in documents since the XVI century. It has always been known thanks to its beautiful appearance and to the quality of its cider. Furthermore, even nowadays our costumers can check out the ancients barrels, and an apple trimming mill from the XIX century. Gartziategi has been a well known house both for its ancestral building circa XVI century and for the natural fresh cider produced. 

Here there is a picture of the 1900s of Julian Arrieta, the current owner’s great-grandfather. He had an apple press at home when he was a child. That’s why he worked in the cider manufacturing. In 1916, he bought the farm and the lands to the Conde de Peñaflorida and he became the owner. He had nine daughters, including Juana, the one who continued in the cider manufacturing with his husband Jose Mari. They have been through a bad period when the cider manufacturing decreased, but they did not give up.

Furthermore, they were lumberjacks and they sold the log in Saint Sebastian. It is with the following generation, the current owner’s parents, that the business grew up and today, the new generation follows with their ancestors’ tradition.

The current equipment, old and new apple presses and crushers, barrels, other machines, etc., is set up in the farm of the XVI century and in the premises next to the farm. This premises was a shipyard in the XIX century. In fact, there was a harbour in Gartziategi and ships used to load and unload their goods as they went up the river Urumea.

Gorenak - Basque cider selection

As its name suggests “the supreme, the sublime, the highest ones,” GORENAK represents the highest-quality sagardoa or Basque cider brands.

Wearing the GORENAK black top or “txapela” means this cider meets high quality control requirements and has obtained high qualifications in a cider tasting accredited by the Fraisoro Laboratory.

Very few brands can ensure this quality level. This makes Gorenak the Basque cider selection.